Red Gateway Translation

Don’t you sometimes wish your documents can be translated by experts with integral knowledge of your particular industry?

The truth is that not every Chinese translation company can boast of experts that possess not just the technical know-how but the skills to understand the practical application of scientific information. This is where Red Gateway comes in; to offer professional translation for Chinese documents so that they retain the technical complexity as well as the originality found in the parent document. What more can you ask for? Our extensive industry specific memory ensures your translations are accurate and the most recent terminology used. We translate documents from Chinese to English in the following sectors: pharmaceutical, chemical, Engineering, food and beverages, retail and service amongst others.


  • Industry specific translations
  • Comprehensive industry specific translation database for accuracy
  • Quality Chinese translation
  • Use of latest terminology in the industry
  • Robust translation process

Common types of technical documents we translate:

  • Owner Manuals
  • User guides
  • Technical and industry specific marketing material
  • Industry specific business proposals
  • Technical reports
  • Academic studies

Didn’t find your type of technical document in the list?  No worries! Our in-house translation experts have got you covered. Contact us today with any type of technical document and you will get fast, accurate and affordable translations.