Red Gateway Translation

Do you know that wrong translation of your legal documents can spell trouble for you? It may lead to problems with enforcing contracts, misunderstanding of responsibilities and most of all; you face the risk of a legal action against you!

Don’t run into risks with your translations; get professional Chinese translators from Red Gateway - with legal training - to do it for you! Don’t settle for anything less; your peace of mind may depend on it. All our legal translators have specialised legal translation training; enjoy high quality and reliable   Chinese Translation service. Our relationship with law firms ensures we are up to date with the latest trends in the legal industry. We have a comprehensive database of legal terminology that ensures consistent and accurate translations. For a small additional charge, we can have your official documents stamped by our Chinese translation partners; to make them acceptable to government departments in China.


  • Trained and experienced legal translators
  • Up-to-date terminology
  • Quality Chinese translation
  • Comprehensive legal translation database
  • Official translation stamps for a small fee

Common types of legal documents we translate:

  • Claim forms
  • Due Diligence reports
  • Legal opinions
  • Contracts
  • Applications
  • Judgments
  • Birth, Marriage and education certificates

Need another type of legal translation? No problem! We are always ready to help with any type of legal translation. Don’t wait a moment longer. Contact us today and get help with your legal translations!